Raga on the blog

This is a new venture…writing a blog is finally arriving into my life. No point in lamenting…but…I do have regrets n that’s a learning tool isn’t it? I see how I should have been capturing my lost years, but maybe its fun to start trying to explore n rediscover the lost Raga.

However, there is an internal demand to climb out of the lost past n quickly mesh with the creative now time. I am on a roll, due to leave this country in a couple of days to take up an offer to further enter into the magical world of EFT. Tapping is becoming well accepted as a tool of self awareness. Sonya Sophia just happened to meet me and Sheela-na-Gig in the Buddhafield Festival…..more of that later.

Please, whoever you are, try to tune into the little clips of the Cunny Carnival.

If you feel intrigued then consider how this work can be advanced and made available to others as an offering to the times of change and transformation…..I was told many years ago by Alberto Ruiz…..that all shamen were agreed that 2012 would be of significance.

I am personally up for doing service over the festive season. If anyone wants to talk further I suggest meeting in the cafe of Methodist Central Hall, Nr Parliament Square at 1.00pm on Friday 25th.

Text to 07886346223 to confirm.


She-lala of the Divine Gliteris

Hello new world!


hiya everybody, we r just starting whit this blog…

hope u enjoy